Do you offer live or in-person tours?

Yes! Contact info@foothillshomestead.com to schedule a live Zoom tour, or in-person tour of the property.

Do you use Zoom for your virtual tours?

Yes! We use Zoom to conduct virtual tours of the property and answer your questions live! Contact: info@foothillshomestead.com

I'm ready to purchase this home, how do I do that?

Awesome! Foothills Homestead is listed on FSBO.com; please visit the link for pricing, details, and to contact the owner to purchase!

I'm not quite ready to buy this home, is there a way to stay in touch?

Yes! Email info@foothillshomestead.com  and request to be added to our updates list, but don't worry, we'll never give out your email address or information to anyone, it's just for us to keep in touch with updates about the home and stay tuned as projects around the homestead come to fruition.